Max Makewell

Max Makewell is a classically trained painter from New York City.

Makewell’s main focus is juxtaposing old and new styles; classical training with vibrant color and movement, which when combined together evoke a vast range of dynamic moods and spiritual states.

For ten years, Max cultivated his distinctive skills in drawing, painting and stone carving during apprenticeships with several contemporary masters in the United States, Italy, and Russia.

His work has been exhibited in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Francisco as well as shows at the Ritz Carlton and auctions at Sotheby’s. Select pieces have also been featured in The Guy Hepner Gallery in New York.

Makewell’s collectors have a global footprint, stretching from Hong Kong to Saint Petersburg, Munich, London and Mexico City, and his work has featured in the personal collections of Chuch Close, Rupert Murdoch, Ridly Scott and Jeff Skoll.

In an effort to give back, Max is a frequent guest lecturer and has served as a Professor of Drawing and Painting at the Laguna College of Art and Design.