Tribute to NYC’s Graffiti History

By: George “Sen One” Morillo

Side 1 is a live freestyle piece. inspired by 1980’s New York City Graffiti. Colorful and layered with genuine Hip Hop Graffiti Letters and artwork. The character at the bottom originated from the Upper West Side and is called the “Mad Mugsy”. It was the birthplace for many the features now used in American cartoons and in Asian animation.

Side 2 shows 3 different NYC subway trains from the 1980’s. Growing up Graffiti artist like George regularly painted these cars known as the blue stripe train, the red train, and the metal train. To make this even more authentic, a number of artists, many of whom painted on the real cars of the 80’s collaborated to fill this painting out.  These artist include George “SEN One”, HEC Tag, Lana Abraham-Murawski, King Amsterdam, and Nicholai Khan.

Raydoor: 3′ by 7′. Please see installation options and ideas at