George Sen One Morillo

Graffiti in New York City has had a local, countrywide, and international influence. Originating in the New York City Subway and spreading beyond, it was regarded by the city’s authorities as an act of vandalism, while some view it as an art form.

George “SEN-1” Morillo is an original member of the “Incredible Bombing Masters” (IBM)–one of the most respected Graffiti crews in Hip Hop history. SEN’s career started in the 80’s when graffiti was considered a crime and this growing subculture evolved into dance, song and hip hop as we know it.

The war on graffiti created a shift for SEN and fast forward to the present; SEN’s private collectors include the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, to musicians like Fabolous and Rita Ora.

In 2009 the fashion world got a taste of SEN’s artwork when his art appeared all over Rachel Roy’s line called “Rachel Rachel Roy”. Not only was SEN’s artwork featured on the fabric, but SEN was also commissioned to do the Graffiti props for the fall 2009 photo shoot. That same year SEN’s artwork laced six of MACY’s windows on 34th Street, in New York City, Herald Square.

You can also sit in his artwork! SEN has a line of outdoor furniture with RAYDOOR Interior Division. SEN’s art can be seen on a division of panels and doors in their current collection called “The Art of division”. SEN is currently working on a Kickstarter called “Graffiti: The Gateway Art Vol. 1” set to launch in 2016.